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I woke up one morning with limited movement upwards and behind of my right shoulder and a dull aching pain in the joint which was preventing me from having a good night's sleep. I was diagnosed by my GP as having an impinged shoulder ligament and was advised that surgery would be my best option. 

Not keen on taking the surgery route I instead contacted Louise to try “The Bowen Technique”. After taking three treatments I no longer have any aching pain in my shoulder and my movement range, although not completely corrected, has improved dramatically with no pain at all. I am overjoyed with the results and would recommend this treatment to anyone with joint problems similar to mine.

Victoria - Stamford.
Shoulder problem.

Following a sporting injury; I suffered very bad pains in my head, neck and shoulders and was unable to turn my head. I visited an osteopath, who was unable to treat me and referred me to the NHS Doctors. They in turn sent me for an X-ray and I was diagnosed with severe whiplash and told it would take between 3 to 6 months to fully recover.

After one month, I decided to see Louise for three weekly sessions of Bowen. After the second session I found my head, neck and shoulder pains where less intense. A week after the third session, when asked about my neck I realised that the pains had nearly disappeared and soon after that I had no pain at all. I found the treatment I had to be very relaxing and I am sure The Bowen Technique treatment contributed immensely in speeding up my recovery and would recommend it to anyone.

John - Bourne. 
Head and shoulder sporting injury.

Just to let you know that what ever you did last Wednesday night has helped. I am feeling so much better after my second Bowen treatment.

The headaches that I have been experiencing have gone, I have slept really well for the first time in months and am full of energy today!

Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks for my next treatment.

Jan - Thurlby.
Suffered with continual headaches.


For several years I have suffered with sciatica. which has made my back very painful when rising from sitting and then walking. I have not slept well, either, due to back and leg pain, depending on lying position in bed. After three Bowen sessions I was free from pain on standing and walking; and after the fourth, lying in bed has been pain-free too, resulting in better nights. Generally my muscles seem more flexible and my whole body seems in better condition. I intend to continue with The Bowen Technique, as it has been very beneficial and sucessful for my back. as a therapeutic, gentle and relaxing treatment.

Margaret - Bourne.
Suffered with sciatica for many years until now.

Bowen was administered in a caring and gentle way by Louise. The treatment freed me from a very debilitating and painful knee.

The Bowen Technique was a complete pleasure and after very few treatments removed all pain and I have been free of any reoccurrence. I would recommend this treatment to anyone suffering joint or muscle pain.

Christine - Bourne. 
Knee problem.

I have had many massages and treatments for stress and an aching body.

I feel Louise is the best therapist I have encountered up to now. I see Louise on a regular basis, she is friendly yet professional. Her prices are more reasonable than many other places.

I would miss my treatments if I didn’t have them to look forward to.

Teresa - Bourne.
Stress, aches and pains.    

Four and a half years ago I was diagnosed with M.S.  As the disease began to develop it transpired that it was relapsing and remitting that I had.  A year later I was offered disease-modifying medication in the form of three injections per week.  This has improved matters, but I still have symptoms that break through every now and then.

I decided to look into some alternative therapies to try to help with the symptoms I still experience.  I read about Bowen and felt that it would help.  The nature of my M.S. means that my symptoms only occur on my right side!  I therefore felt that Bowen would help to balance my body because it treats the whole body and not just the symptom.

Louise has treated me for a year now.  I go for my Bowen treatment every five weeks; it helps to keep on top of things.  I noticed after six months of treatments I was not experiencing symptoms as regular.  I have different procedures each visit, according to what problems I am presenting.  

I feel I benefit greatly from having Bowen and would recommend Louise as a Bowen therapist.  Louise has been very good and I have great faith in both her and The Bowen Technique.

Laura - Bourne.
Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.


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