Bowen Technique - Bourne, South Lincolnshire, powerful remedial therapy which can be used to promote healing and pain relief
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How Can The Bowen Technique Help You? 
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What is the Bowen Technique?

A gentle but precise, non-manipulative and relaxing therapy that encourages the body to self heal itself.

Relief of symptoms can usually be noted extremely quickly. Starting on the back and using thumbs and fingers a subtle but dynamic rolling move is made at the precise points over muscle, tendons and soft tissue, after three or four movements on different points the therapist leaves the room for several minutes then returns and starts again.

For those accustomed to alternative therapies and the concept of having constant contact with the therapist during the session, it may seem disconcerting to see the therapist leave the room at regular intervals, during the 45min to 1 hour treatment. This resting time allows the body to absorb the moves and make its own fine adjustments, in order to initiate the healing process.

When should you use it?

It is difficult to think of another therapy that has been shown to help not only with muscular and skeletal problems other therapies tend to address such as back, neck and shoulder pain, whiplash, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder and sports injuries but also with such problems as arthritis, IBS, lymphatic drainage, stress and even infertility problems. It can also help babies with colic, children who have glue ear, who wet the bed or who have suffered trauma or exhibit behaviour problems.

Several practitioners now specialise in "helping" clients with particular conditions such as cerebral palsy, autism, ADHD, MS, ME and cancer with very positive results.

There are numerous examples of the therapy making a significant difference in reducing or eliminating pain, improving quality of life, enabling clients to resume their normal active lives or to return to work when conventional treatment cannot help.

Short term (acute) injury is usually resolved in 2 to 3 treatments while long standing (chronic) conditions may require several more Bowen sessions. Many clients return regularly for “top up” treatment to boost their feeling of well being and to strengthen their immune system.

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